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Meet Yoko 💜 a loving, very intelligent, and well-behaved girl. She is a medium size, gorgeous and happy dog who loves walks.

Gender: Female, 
DoB: 2017, 
Breed: Cross, 
Dogs: Good, 
Cats: Unknown, 
Kids: Good

Yoko is a medium-sized dog that is known for her intelligence and loyalty. With her high energy level, she loves to stay active and enjoys being around other dogs. She is accustomed to living in a pack and is a socialized dog, having spent most of her life living with other dogs. At six or seven years old, Yoko has grown into a well-adjusted and confident dog who thrives in social situations. Her loyalty to her human family is unwavering, and she always remains by their side. Yoko's adaptability and sociable nature make her a perfect companion for those who want a loyal and energetic dog that is comfortable around other dogs