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Meet Tessa 🌸 a sweet girl looking for a new beginning
Gender: Female,
DoB: 2022,
Breed: Medium Cross,
Dogs: Good,
Cats: Good,
Kids: Good

Tessa, a charming mix breed female, is eagerly awaiting her chance at a new beginning through adoption.

At approximately two years old, she finds herself in search of a loving home after being abandoned by her previous owners during a move. Despite the uncertainty she has faced, Tessa exudes resilience and a gentle spirit. Her soulful eyes reflect a longing for stability and affection, and she yearns for a family to call her own. With her youthful energy and unwavering loyalty, Tessa promises to be a devoted companion to those who open their hearts and homes to her. By providing Tessa with the love and care she deserves, her new family will undoubtedly be rewarded with endless love and gratitude from this precious canine companion.