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Meet Grover, our sweet old boy looking for a home to live out his golden years 🌈

Gender: Male, 
DoB: Unknown/Older boy, 
Breed: Cross, 
Dogs: Good, 
Cats: Unknown, 
Kids: Good

Grover is a special boy who can be found on the corner of Macassar and the N2. This lovable pooch has a wonderful personality and gets along with other dogs exceptionally well. His behavior is impeccable, and spending time with him is a true pleasure. Grover has a gentle and affectionate spirit that has won the hearts of all those who have met him. He enjoys a warm bed, soft food, and lots of attention, but he is not demanding in the slightest. Grover is a laid-back pup who loves to sleep, take strolls in the garden, and have company throughout the day. All he wants is a special place to call home, where he can be loved and spoiled. Grover will make a loyal and devoted companion to whoever is lucky enough to adopt him. Anyone who meets him is sure to fall in love with this beautiful soul.