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Little Miss Friday is waiting for her forever home 💜
Gender: Female,
DoB: 2023,
Breed: Small/Medium Staffie Cross,
Dogs: Good,
Cats: Good,
Kids: Good

Little Miss Friday, the adorable 14-week-old dog, is thriving and blossoming into a healthy and happy little girl. After battling with mange and anaemia, she has made remarkable progress, and her once troubling conditions have significantly improved. Thanks to proper care and treatment, all the worms that were causing her distress have vanished. Now, Friday is brimming with joy and exuberance, evident in her wagging tail and bright eyes. Her friendly and sociable nature extends not only to humans but also to other animals, making her a delight to be around. Friday's journey of recovery and her joyful demeanour serves as a heartwarming testament to the power of love and care for our furry companions.