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Meet Roo 🐻 This cutie is ready for his forever home
Gender: Male,
DoB: 2023,
Breed: Small/Medium Cross,
Dogs: Good,
Cats: Good,
Kids: Good

Roo, the adorable Sixteen-week-old puppy, is a timid and shy little bundle of joy. He is one of ten pups that were surrendered to us, and although we're unsure about her father, her mother is somewhere between small to medium in size. Despite his initial timidity, Roo's sweet nature shines through, capturing the hearts of everyone he meets. As he begins to explore the world around him, we're committed to providing him with a nurturing environment, helping him grow into a confident and happy pup. With patience, love, and care, we're excited to witness Roo's transformation as he blossoms into a cherished member of a loving family.